Sección Oficial Cortometrajes de Estudiantes

Cortometrajes seleccionados en la Sección Oficial de Estudiantes

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Frame Endgame BFF 21



2020 - Tragicomedia

[ENG] Tomek escapes from identity problems into the world of imagination, where he is a superhero - Captain Litty. His relationship with girlfriend Agata, suffers because of that. Tomek has to confront his fears and accept who he is. Hero’s everyday life resonates with his crazy fantasies, addresing the film’s title – Endgame is the stage between childhood and adulthood. It’s a story about young people who go through life with momentum, afraid to stop and discover that they are going in the wrong direction.

Director y guionista: Michał Wasilewski
Productor: Katarzyna Stasiełuk, Lidia Mikulska
Reparto: Damian Bejgier, Adrian Jarząbek, Agata
Dirección de Fotografia: Alexander Zweifel
BSO: Maciej Buszman/Massieque

Frame in the weeds 21

In the weeds


2021 - Drama
[ENG] A teenage girl suspects a local gardener's involvement in the unsolved disappearance of their childhood friend.

Escrito, dirigido y producido por: Nick Milczarczyk

Melody Frame



2020 - Animación

[ESP]Melody, de 11 años, intenta encontrar la continuación de una partitura escrita por su hermano.
[ENG]Melody 11 years old, tries to find the continuation of a score written by her brother

Director: LE BOZEC Delphine,GORAM Léa, LAURENT Flavie and NAUDIN Mathéo
Guión GORAM Lea, LAURENT Flavie, LE BOZEC Delphine, NAUDIN Mathéo
Dirección fotografía GORAM Lea, LAURENT Flavie, LE BOZEC Delphine, NAUDIN Mathéo
Dirección arte GORAM Lea, LAURENT Flavie, LE BOZEC Delphine, NAUDIN Mathéo
Montaje LE BOZEC Delphine
Sonido LE BOZEC Delphine
Animación LAURENT Flavie, LE BOZEC Delphine, NAUDIN Mathéo
Música Yvon Legrand
Montaje sonido LE BOZEC Delphine
Postproducción Lea GORAM, LAURENT Flavie, LE BOZEC Delphine

El potencial de ricardo frame

El potencial de Ricardo (y otras teorías sobre la muerte)


2020 - Comedia, Drama
Rick, a young man with a ton of talent, is considering suicide to escape from life's roughness towards mistakes. A strange middle aged man tries to convince him not to, and a heated debate ensues.
Director: Armando D. Hernández
Guion: Armando D. Hernández
Productor: Armando D. Hernández, Anna Mendoza,Rocío Soria
Reparto: Vicente Ramos Andrade, Javier Peña
Productor ejecutivo: Armando D. Hernández, Jorge Ignacio Rojas Portas, Calavera Sound, Instituto del Cine Madrid
Música: E. Kique Ferrer M.
Director de fotografía: Farid Myal
Sonido: Jon Madina,Jorge Ignacio Rojas Portas, Armando D. Hernández
The girl with the blurred face frame

The Girl With The Blurred Face


2021 - Fantasia, Terror
[ESP]Javier pasa su tiempo libre recorriendo el mundo a través de Google Earth. Su cordura se ve afectada cuando empieza a ver a la misma mujer en diferentes partes del mundo.
[ENG]Javier spends most of his time roaming the world on Google Earth. He begins to question his sanity when the same woman keeps appearing in different parts of the world.

Director: Pablo Pagán

Frame The Quiet BF 2021

The Quiet


2019 - Animación
When an astronaut ponders on the quietude of space, he comes upon a startling self-realisation.

The truth is written in the stars, but what will he uncover?

Director: Radheya Jegatheva